Submit an article

Who can submit an article to the ScHARR Student e-Journal?

To submit an article to the ScHARR Student e-Journal you must be a student registered on a postgraduate course at The School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR), University of Sheffield. 

What kind of articles can be submitted?

The following health and related research articles can be submitted to the ScHARR Student e-Journal: academic research paper (between 1,500 and 3,000 words); abstract (up to 500 words), research poster; opinion or reflective piece (500 to 1500 words).  

We do of course encourage all of our students, where appropriate, to aim for external publication in a peer-reviewed journal. So, if you have done this, please contact us as we are keen to include an overview, and links to the article, in the ScHARR Student e-Journal. 

Why submit to the e-Journal?

There are a number of benefits to publishing in the ScHARR Student e-Journal. Firstly, sharing your work and findings with others is an important part of the research process as it contributes to the evidence, upon which health care practice is based. On a personal level you will feel a sense of pride when publishing your own work. Future employers, particularly in academia, may also look favourably on your publication. Finally, in addition to these benefits, each article submitted to the e-Journal will undergo a peer review process. This means that you will get individual feedback on your article that can help to further develop your academic writing skills.

How to submit an article

In the first instance, please read the Submission Guidelines for Authors. The guidelines include further information about the type and format of articles. You should also speak to your project supervisor about your intention to submit.

All articles should be submitted to the editor, Dr Hannah Jordan at, with ScHARR Student e-Journal submission and your name in the subject title. Articles can be submitted either as a Word, Open Office, Google doc, PowerPoint (posters) or a portable document format (PDF) file.

Download the Submission Guidelines for Authors here.
Download the e-Journal Review Process here.